SARAH PALMER (b.1986) // // 416-829-8178


Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University), B.F.A. Photography Studies, 2004-2008


2024   United Nations Partnership for 2025 International Year of Glaciers’ Preservation with Wish You Were Here

2024   New York Portfolio Review, Recipient

2024   Canada Council for the Arts, Explore and Create grant, Wish You Were Here

2024   Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Abroad grant, Wish You Were Here

2024   Ontario Arts Council, Market Development Travel Grant, Wish You Were Here

2023   Ontario Arts Council, Grant, Wish You Were Here

2022   National Magazine Awards, Winner

2022   American Photography Winner Wish You Were Here

2019   TIME Magazine’s top 100 Photos of 2019

2019   Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Winner, Wish You Were Here

2019   Women Photograph 2019 Year in Photos

2019   Globe and Mail Pictures of 2019

2017   Ontario Arts Council Emerging Artist Grant


2024   Photo|Frome Festival of Photography, Wish You Were Here, England (upcoming)

2024   DongGang museum of Photography, Wish You Were Here, South Korea (upcoming)

2024   Africa Foto Fair, Wish You Were Here, Côte d'Ivoire (upcoming)

2024   Bucharest Photofest, Wish You Were Here, Romania (upcoming)

2024   Auckland Festival of Photography, Wish You Were Here, New Zealand

2023   CONTACT Photography Festival, Core Exhibition, Wish You Were Here, Public Installation, Toronto

2022   Gallery TPW, group show, Photorama, Toronto

2018   Nuit Blanche, group show, MUSE Projects - Places Between, Toronto

2017   Gallery 1313 group show, Women Photograph, Toronto

2016   Gladstone Hotel, solo show, Drunk on Trump, Toronto

2016   Largo Glenio Peres, Drunk on Trump, group show, Mosaicografia, Brazil

2015   Featureshoot, group show Nostalgia

2013   IX Gallery, CONTACT Photography Festival, group show, Narrow and Wide, Toronto

2012   Lomography Gallery, CONTACT Photography Festival, group show, Two and a Quarter, Toronto

2008   Niagara Gallery, CONTACT Photography Festival, group show, True and False, Toronto


2024   RNZ Radio, Interview, Wish You Were Here, Auckland Festival of Photography

2023   CBC, Interview, Wish You Were Here

2023   Toronto Star, Wish You Were Here, Making Contact across Toronto with award-winning photography

2023   The Globe and Mail,  CONTACT Festival coverage, Wish You Were Here

2023   She Does The City, CONTACT Festival coverage, Wish You Were Here

2020   Roads & Kingdoms, Mutli-Frame: Q&A with Sarah Palmer

2016   Canadian Art, Canadian Artists in America React to US Election Result

2016   CBC TV, interview, Drunk on Trump

2016   CBC Metro Morning, radio interview, Drunk on Trump

2016   CBC Metro Morning, online feature, Toronto artist's photographs show Americans ‘Drunk on Trump’

2016   Toronto Life, This Toronto photographer captured the surreal strangeness of Donald Trump rallies

2016   CBC Arts, To understand Trump supporters, this Canadian artist is photographing his rallies


2024   National Magazine Awards, Jury 

2023   CONTACT photography Festival, Wish You Were Here, Toronto

2022   Open Show, Wish You Were Here, Hamilton

2017   Ryerson Review of Journalism, Panel Talk, Breaking Barriers in Photojournalism   

2016  Open Show Toronto, presentation, Drunk on Trump


2023   The Globe and Mail, The enduring, immortal charm of finding other people’s things in used books

2023   The Globe and Mail, Zellers Nostalgia

2022   The Globe and Mail Barbie, the original influencer

2021   Curious Society magazine Wish You Were Here

2021   Maclean’s magazine Tiktok Food

2020  Maclean’s magazine Covid Pets

2020  Vox, Deciem fueled the skincare boom, then it almost went bust

2020  Fortune Magazine, Did the techlash kill Alphabet’s city of the future?

2019   The Walrus, Celine Dion is Everywhere

2019   West End Phoenix, In Laura’s kitchen

2019   RU Magazine, Securing the foundation to overcome PTSD

2019   RU Magazine, Alumni couple return to Ryerson to mark their first meeting  50 years ago

2019  The Globe and Mail, Capturing the Snowbird's Migration

2018  RU Magazine, Nature Hike

2018   BuzzFeed News, I Went To A Conference Full Of Conservatives Who Hated  My Guts — And Told Me So

2018   The Globe and Mail, Ontario election: What's a voter to do? 

2018   The Washington Post, Gossip explains our culture. And nobody explains it  like Lainey Gossip

2018   Cicero Magazine, Waiting for the Fall of the Border (between the Koreas)

2018   BuzzFeed News, Two Very Different Koreas Shown In Beautiful Double    Exposures

2017   West End Phoenix, Rumble in the West, December issue

2017   The Walrus, This American Carnage, April issue

2016  Refinery 29, This Is What Election Night Looks Like Around The World &  Across The Country

2016   BBC, Multiple exposures from Donald Trump's campaign trail

2016  Huck Magazine, Photographs of America losing its shit

2016   Xatakafoto, Drunk on Trump

2016   Maclean’s Magazine, How Pokemon Go Helped Heal My Brain

2016   LensCulture, Drunk on Trump: The American Election Circus Viewed From the Outside

2016   The Globe and Mail, Where They Could Stumble

2016   Metro News, A New View on The Ex-traordinary

2016   Maclean’s Magazine, Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

2016   Maclean’s Magazine, Why Buying Pot Has Never Been Easier

2016   Maclean’s Magazine, Clicktivists in the House 

2015   Darwin Magazine, interview with Sarah Palmer on La Guajira

2015   Yet Magazine, La Guajira

2015   Private Magazine, La Guajira

2015   Positive Magazine, interview for La Guajira

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